MeTV FM’s Eclectic Mix of Timeless & Memorable Music Is Hit Format with Radio Listeners

(MAY 2017) — Chicago, IL – MeTV FM, 87.7 FM in Chicago, has partnered with Envision Networks® to syndicate its new radio format with a winning mix of timeless and memorable music from the 60s, 70s, 80s, and beyond to markets across America. It was announced today by Neal Sabin, Vice Chairman of Weigel Broadcasting Co., and Danno Wolkoff, President and Chief Executive Officer of Envision Networks® (EN).

MeTV FM is curated for long listening enjoyment and features an astonishingly deep playlist from an active library of more than 3,000 songs across nearly four decades of great music, including singer-songwriters, country crossovers, Motown, iconic groups, and many other artists. Listeners enjoy a wide diversity of music programming from folk rock to funk, deep tracks to disco favorites, and sixties British Invasion to eighties pop. Program directors may have forgotten about much of this music, but the core radio audience of underserved baby boomer listeners has not.

“We created MeTV FM as the musical companion to America’s #1 all classic TV network, MeTV. Both our television and radio formats present timeless and memorable entertainment that resonates with hipsters, hippies, baby boomers and beyond, as we like to say,” said Sabin. “MeTV FM’s music format has broken many of the radio rules in terms of presentation, depth of playlist and mixing of genres. Using a challenging dial position in one of the most competitive radio markets in the country, we have proven the validity and viability of the format. We look forward to working with Envision to bring MeTV FM to many more places.”

MeTV FM began broadcasting as WRME in February 2015 on 87.7 FM, a part of the dial not accessible on all radios in Chicago, the nation’s third-largest media market. And yet, listeners found it and loved it. Advertisers quickly followed. Within a year, 87.7 was competitive with Chicago’s heritage stations and, from 2016 to 2017, its Chicago market share has grown from 2.2 to 2.8 (Persons 6+), its cumulative audience grew from 569,000 to 756,000 (Persons 6+), while delivering a TSL of 3:00 hours.
Envision Networks® will begin offering MeTV FM in syndication to radio stations in June. In addition to providing a successful format, MeTV FM is turnkey and cost-effective to affiliates with all programming and production originating in Chicago, but allowing for local market customization.

“MeTV FM provides the best experience for radio stations to offer their listeners,” said Wolkoff. “The format supplies the broadest musical choice in the crowded variety music arena and most of all it is FUN for the baby boomers! With promotional tie-ins to the MeTV Network or local affiliates in their markets, radio affiliates will be able to cross promote and drive listeners directly to their station, as well as back to the TV affiliate, making this a “win-win”. I guarantee you have never heard a radio format like this before…check it out”
Stations interested in more information about MeTV-FM should visit or contact Amber Wade at 216-831-3761 or
About Weigel Broadcasting Co.:
Weigel Broadcasting Co. is a Chicago-based business, family owned since 1965. Weigel and its affiliated companies own and operate network and independent television stations in Chicago, Milwaukee, and South Bend, Indiana, as well as WRME-LP. In addition, Weigel is the leader in the multicast television network space with “MeTV,” Memorable Entertainment Television, being the number one rated and distributed network in the space, as well as the “Movies!” Network in cooperation with the Fox Television Stations, “H&I” Heroes & Icons, and “DECADES” Network in partnership with the CBS Television Station Group.
About Envision Networks®:
Envision Networks® provides content and services to more than 2,500 radio stations and reaches millions of listeners each week. Envision Radio Networks, Inc. is the largest independently owned affiliate relations company in the country and supplies all types of programming and services to radio including morning show content, short-form vignettes, virtual weather-news-sports broadcasts, live syndicated morning shows, long-form weekend programming, 24/7 formats, comedy services, event
programming, off-air tools, web content, album releases and artist specials. Envision Networks® isbased in Cleveland, Ohio, with offices in New York City and Nashville.