Daily Feature Trashing Celebrity Social Media Posts          

(OCTOBER 2017) – Envision Networks® is proud to announce the debut of Celebrity Trash with E. Vil Monkey. These daily vignettes highlight the tacky tweets and “pea-brained” posts celebrities think we care about. Five new episodes are produced and broadcast each week for affiliated stations.

“It’s about time someone or some animal called out celebrities for their ego-centric, vapid posts on social media,” said VP of Programming Michael Lichtstein. “Who better than E.Vil Monkey to tell it like it is, providing the type of comedy that only a wicked primate can get away with on radio?”

Celebrity Trash is a pop culture feature for the social media generation. From Oprah Winfrey and Bruno Mars to Ryan Gosling and Bill Nye the Science Guy, no celebrity is off limits to snarky reporter, E. Vil Monkey. Celebrities are called out for their ridiculous posts about travel, family, old photographs and more. No matter what they post, E. Vil Monkey goes bananas every day and says what everyone is thinking. Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or blog posts, E. Vil Monkey has something to say about certain celebrity’s constant need for attention.

Stations interested in adding the feature to their programming should contact Dave Hintz at daveh@envisionnetworks.com or 216-831-3761.

About Envision Networks®:

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