Daily Audio and Video Feature Highlights All Things Tech


(NOVEMBER 2017) – Envision Networks® is proud to announce GeekOut, a daily vignette highlighting everything techie’s love. Each episode covers technology, movies, video games and all things geeky. In a world where being nerdy is cool, GeekOut is the perfect audio and video feature to add to any radio station.

“Everyone in 2017 has an element of ‘geek’ in their lives whether they know it or not,” says GeekOut host, Peter Welpton. “Between smartphones, computers, and the internet -everyone cares about technology.  GeekOut was created to present these topics in a way everyone can understand and learn.”

Created by Peter Welpton, former managing director and resident technology guru for longtime hosts Lex and Terry, GeekOut is a versatile, fast-paced feature that can be incorporated into any daypart and broadcast multiple times throughout the day. These one minute vignettes will inform and entertain listeners with compelling tidbits, news and reviews of the latest technology for consumer use. GeekOut can be used anywhere techie’s like to listen and watch…on-air, online and on demand.

“GeekOut offers programming specifically designed for PPM markets at no cost to affiliates,” says Danno Wolkoff, CEO/President Envision Networks. “Radio stations can use the audio on-air to promote the companion tech videos on their website for listeners to view and interact with online and on demand. Listeners will be informed and entertained about the latest technology craze that the everyday geeks enjoy.”

For more information about GeekOut visit envisionnetworks.com. Stations interested in adding the feature to their programming should contact Amber Wade at amberw@envisionradio.com or 216-831-3761.

About Peter Welpton:
GeekOut host, Peter Welpton, was the strategist behind the Lex & Terry Morning Radio Network’s pioneering position in online streaming, social media, podcasting and native applications. Peter has always used his love for technology and sci-fi to his advantage throughout his 30 year radio career. He launched some of the first streaming and podcasting of a radio show, and establishes his geek cred by insisting he “preferred Close Encounters over Star Wars when he was nine years old”.
About Envision Networks®:
Envision Networks® provides content and services to more than 2,500 radio stations and reaches millions of listeners each week. Envision Radio Networks, Inc.® is the largest independently owned affiliate relations company in the country and supplies all types of programming and services to radio including morning show content, short-form vignettes, virtual weather-news-sports broadcasts, live syndicated morning shows, long-form weekend programming, 24/7 formats, comedy services, event programming, off-air tools, web content, album releases and artist specials. Envision Networks® is based in Cleveland, Ohio, with offices in New York City and Nashville.