WASJ-FM Panama City Ratings Win 

(February 2018) – Panama City radio listeners took BOB FM all the way to number one during the recently released Fall 2017 Nielsen ratings survey. Leading the market with a 7.6 Share in Persons 12+, the 24/7 format from Envision Networks® and Kroeger Media Inc. is heard on Powell Broadcasting’s variety hits WASJ 105.1 FM.

“Not many people know this but BOB’s success of hitting #1 in Panama City has a lot to do with his decision to stop wearing his Speedo to work,” said Howard Kroeger of Kroeger Media Inc. “Good call, BOB.”

BOB FM™ can take you to the top
From the creator of the variety-based country radio formats HANK FM® and DUKE FM®, BOB FMis a turnkey, 24/7 variety-based adult hits radio format that provides unique personality-driven radio that’s in touch with the current listening trends and methodology used by stations.

BOB FM™ is a marketing machine for affiliates
Affiliates have the rights to use the BOB FMTM name and logo, access to a constantly updated music library, constant supply of creative on-air copy and cutting-edge station imaging including voice, sweeper, promos and jingles. BOB FMTM also offers off-air support with promotional ideas, daily music logs and programming guidance.

BOB FMTM offers different levels of programming packages available for both cash and barter.

Visit the show web page for more information or contact Dave Hintz at 216.831.3761 or daveh@envisionnetworks.com.


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