It’s time to meet the hosts! We talked to Ashley Paige and Brad Abrell of The Ashely & Brad Showlive on 99.1 The Ranch in L.A. and recently syndicated nationwide, about their on air chemistry, the transition to syndication, and their cohost’s worst in-studio habits. Here’s what they had to say:

How do you and Ashley approach your show now that you’re syndicated in several new markets?

BRAD: We approach it pretty much the same way we do any show on any given day: how can we have fun and make it sound like that to the listeners? We have always kept our show family friendly, never swerving into off-color material or lowest common denominator humor (okay, maybe an occasional fart sound effect) but keep it so that everyone can listen, feel included and have a good time doing so. We keep our segments fairly universal, nothing too regional or specific and add our points of view to stories and information that most people can relate to. We can help localize the show to our affiliates by providing local liners that stations send us that they play back between songs around our main segments, or at other points during the show.

How did you develop that on-air chemistry with Ashley?

BRAD: Luckily, from the first day Ashley and I have had a great rapport; both broadcast professionals with similar life experiences. We both have a somewhat silly sense of humor and we want to try and include listeners in the fun. It was nothing we had to work on or go off on a team-building retreat for. We just ‘got’ each other’s sensibilities and humor and kept it safe and engaging for anyone to listen to.

What would you say is your co-host’s worst in studio habit?

BRAD: There aren’t many, thankfully, but since you’re asking… Ashley’s most annoying habit is not knowing how to use a PC. I’m forever having to over-explain the simplicities of PC to her Mac-addled brain. PCs rule.

What do you think is the key to being a relatable personality?  

ASHLEY: I think having a lot in common with the listeners is the key, at least it seems to be for me. I’m a mom of 2 teenage girls… I’ve been on the air since my early 20’s, so I’ve been through single life, dating life, early married life, pregnancy, toddlers etc. with the listeners. Most people have been through the same things. However, we try to be as inclusive as possible—not everyone has or wants kids—so we try not to focus on kids/family all the time. We do lots of breaks on things that everyone deals with in life, things that bring us joy or things that bother us or things that make us laugh. Everyone likes to feel like they are part of something, and we want our listeners to be part of our show.

What’s one piece of advice you would give a newly formed on-air team?  

ASHLEY: Never leave your partner stranded. Even if you’re mad at them off the air, don’t ever leave them hanging on the air.

What would you say is your co-host’s worst in studio habit?  

ASHLEY: How much time do you have? I can provide that list either numerically or alphabetically… just kidding! We actually have very similar work habits, but if I had to pick one thing… I’m very tidy—I might have a touch of OCD—and he throws his coffee cup “near” the garbage can… and usually misses. Ugh!

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