A simple way of understanding why brand savviness is important to you

by Dave Hintz, Envision Networks®  Marketing Director

I learned a long time ago the value of a brand. When I was a young marketing pro, it was easy to get caught up in the routine of a “let’s slap our logo on it and move on.” Those Mad Men days are gone. Marketing successfully is more important than ever and the brand with the most value is: you.

Yes, your station or company brand needs to be positive and recognizable, but I want to point out the value of what you’re doing to not only help your company brand, but your own.

But, Dave, isn’t the point of marketing all about how hip, cool and different our station is?
Let’s put it this way. I taught radio promotions at a broadcast school. I knew going in that half the students would have no interest in this required curriculum.

I would address this elephant in the room. “How many of you have no interest in promotions or marketing?” Half the hands would go up. “How many of you want to get hired after you graduate?” All hands went up. “Look around. This is your competition for those jobs, just as the graduates before and after will be.”

Ah, good, now I had their attention.

“What separates you from everyone else? What do you bring to a station that no one else does?” Puzzled looks. I then knew I could lay out the foundation.

Tell your story. If you leave it to others, will it come out the way that you want?
There are a lot of good techniques out there. An internet search of “How my personal brand can help my business” returns great results. A nice start is to learn DICE.

To summarize: tell your story the same way. Know what to say in the thirty seconds after, “Hello, my name is…” Then do it over and over. Be consistent across all your social media platforms and at work. Be positive.

Two of our most popular brands are The Ashley & Brad Show and The Jim Brickman Show. Their brands jump out of the speakers and online. They’re a good case study in what to do.


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