Bilingual Top 40 format targets culturally diverse Millennials

(May 2018) – Dozens of US markets have become so culturally blended with millennial relationships so diverse that English-speaking and Hispanic backgrounds have become integrated into the same circle of family, friends and lifestyles. This is reflected in their musical tastes and listening habits. For this reason, Envision Networks® is extremely proud to announce our new format, No Borders Radio.

No Walls… No Fences… No Barriers… No Borders Radio
No Borders Radio is musically balanced to reach English-speaking millennials and Latino 18-44 females by blending the best North American Pop Hits with their counterparts from Central and South America.

“Millennials love exclusivity. It’s that individualism that in theory characterizes them. No Borders Radio characterizes that demand with a unique, one of a kind brand in an overcrowded marketplace,” said format creator and producer Brian Burns. “No Borders Radio’s message is positive and inclusive. No Walls … No Fences … No Barriers. Everyone is welcome.”

In addition to the licensing rights to use No Borders Radio’s name and logo, affiliates have access to a music library of recommended songs, bilingual station imaging including voices, sweepers and promos. No Borders Radio also offers off-air support with promotional ideas, daily music logs and programming guidance.

For information on No Borders Radio and other Envision Networks programs, contact us at or call 216.831.3761 for more information.


No Borders Radio