Doug Stephan named master of ceremonies for sold out talk media convention

(June 2018) – Here’s hoping that you got your ticket to the sold out Talkers 2018 Convention. The event, scheduled for Friday, June 8th at Helen Mills Event Space and Theater in New York City is being emceed by Doug Stephan, CEO of Good Day Networks, and host of Envision Networks®On Air with Doug, Jen and Victoria morning show. He’ll be joined by co-emcee David Bernstein, general manager of Talkers Radio.

Honored Talker, Doug Stephan can be on your station, too
On Air with Doug, Jen and Victoria is a daily program that airs live every weekday from 6 to 9 a.m. EST and can currently be heard on more than 200 stations nationwide. The morning show can air live or your station can broadcast it during other dayparts as well.

On Air with Doug, Jen and Victoria delivers passionate discussions on items affecting listeners the most in their daily lives. Hosts Doug Stephan, Jen Horn and Victoria Keelan each bring a distinctive perspective to their highly entertaining conversations.

Additional contributors round out each hour by providing listeners with news they can use on pop culture, entertainment, astrology, health, technology, pets, travel, finances, home improvement and much more. These benchmark segments also offer an opportunity for stations to generate local revenue with sponsorships.

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On Air with Doug, Jen and Victoria