blog by John Wetherbee, CBM, Chief Meteorologist of Envision Networks

Is this you? Bad storm yesterday afternoon and your on-air talent was A) uninformed and had no idea where to get the latest weather info, or B) focused on their daily topic starters and didn’t broadcast any weather threats. And you hoped the traffic guy might do something other than, “Boy, the roads are sure wet so be careful driving!”

Now you can have your own sealed and certified staff meteorologist. Envision Networks’ Virtual Weather is a team of broadcasters who report for you 24/7/365. No amateur hour or graduate assistants who don’t know how to pronounce the towns.

Let’s start with customized daily weather reports delivered hands-free—you don’t use manpower downloading anything. These are studio quality weather reports, designed for any format, built to whatever length you need with your station (or stations) branding. This includes severe weather coverage, too. Weekend and holiday weather reports are also available.

What’s the cost? It will beat all the other competitors with barter and/or cash options. Oh, but it doesn’t beat FREE in a deal with one of your local TV weather jokesters? If the number one guy was available, you’d have to put up with the TV station’s promotional agenda, and he’s never available when you need him the most, during severe weather! For those folks, TV comes first.  With EnvisionVirtualServices Weather Reports, you come first.

Listen to the demos. Get your “staff meteorologist.” There’s no book-of-the-month club; it’s someone you should promote, post on your app or webpage, and get them a local station email address. This is a trusted member of your team, backed by cloud-based technology and delivery with backup redundancy from Envision Networks.

Build trust with your growing audience with an authoritative voice that is familiar, friendly, and accurate. It is a relationship that works in a moment of stress and panic. They’ll hear this voice every day when the weather’s sunny and when the weather’s bad. And that generates credibility for any situation—and that’s sellable!

If there’s a weather emergency, which radio station would you turn too? Which app? Which website? I always encourage listeners to “find a trusted source.” You know who holds that mantle in your city. With your brand, we can help you change that so your station can own weather in the market with your own staff meteorologist!


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