Motor City’s WMGC-FM Joins Envision Networks® Phone Checkstm Service

(June 2018) – Watch out Detroit because Clairissa Jenkins is taking on the Motor City and no one is safe from her outrageous prank call hijinks. Brought to listeners by Envision Networks®, Clairissa Jenkins’ Phone Checkstm is now part of the WMGC-FM 105.1 The Bounce lineup. The Beasley-owned classic hip-hop station and their audience will be rolling on the floor laughing at a hilarious phone prank every day of the week.

“Up until recently I’ve been banned from the state of Michigan in connection with an illegal exotic bird fighting ring in the basement of a local IHOP when a toucan got lose and pecked the night shift manager’s eye right out,” stated a remorseful Jenkins. “I’m happy my past performance in Motor Town will not impact my campaign to win “best radio host” award from the Parks and Recreation Department in Ferndale.”

No one is safe from Clairissa Jenkins’ Phone Checks
There is no escaping Jenkins’ wrath. Her targets experience eviction notices, rabid dog attacks and fireplace cremations. Phone Checks is a great benchmark feature or morning show bit and affiliated stations receive five new phone checks each week. 105.1 The Bounce joins over 200 affiliates on the Envision Entertainment Network.

Clairissa Jenkins can be found causing a ruckus on Facebook at and on Twitter at

If you want to bring the laughter and listener engagement to your station, please contact or call 216.831.3761.


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