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Program Category: Show Content/Audio and Written
Frequency: Daily
Terms: Cash and Barter
Delivery Method: Internet


We’re glad you made it this far to learn more about 140 Character. (Oh, who are we fooling? We totally get why you’re here.)

Real reactions. Real Fun.
It means that you’re looking to develop your show so you can build your listener numbers and drive your ratings. Most radio groups aren’t in a position to hire full-time staff writers or voice talent to impersonate celebrities and pop culture icons. Whether it’s a script, real voices to act as callers or characters who help you build  great ongoing stories, 140 Characters brings that team to you.

This new offering features all the voices that you need to put on any comedy bits, home-grown characters who call in to your show weekly, and ready-to-use scripts for topic starters, phone scams, and parodies.

How easy is it to get started? From the writer’s room to the airwaves, we provide a simple process to get started with 140 Characters.

  1. Visit 140characterslive.com
  2. Listen to samples
  3. Fill out the request at the bottom of the celebrity impersonators or Voice Actors pages


140 Characters Offers Impersonators, Voice Actors and Scripts for Radio