Shazam For Radio

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Program Category: Listener Engagement Tool
Programming Frequency: Monthly
Terms: Barter
Delivery Method: Online/Internet
Language: English


Shazam for Radio turns everyday experiences into connected ones and lets radio stations extend their content into the digital realm. Listeners are already Shazaming the music that’s playing, so allowing them to Shazam commercials, on-air promotions and more lets stations leverage their broadcast audience further.

Shazam for Radio presents a new revenue opportunity for stations and an exciting way to attract advertisers. For advertisers, it gives them an opportunity to actively engage with listeners, expand to a digital and mobile platform and capture valuable data. For stations, it gives them a new way to interact with their audiences. It also provides a new distribution channel for promotions and a way to drive listeners to digital properties. Best of all, Shazam for Radio connects directly to contest systems so implementation is simple and can lead to more successful promotions.

Implementation of Shazam for Radio is completely turnkey. Affiliates work with Sun Broadcast Group to create and execute campaigns. They also receive sales support from both Shazam and Sun Broadcast Group. Shazam for Radio gives stations an endless list of possible campaign options including: Direct to website, couponing, video, contesting, app downloads, store locator, add to calendar, gyroscope, selfie, shake or swipe to reveal, programmatic customizations, quizzes, free song downloads and streaming playlists.

Campaign analytics also provide stations and advertisers an in-depth look at listeners. Stations receive access to analytics about user demographics, location, their activity on Shazam and more.


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