Envision Networks® Full Metal Jackie Radio is thrilled to continue serving Alaska Integrated Media’s KZND-FM/Anchorage, AK as an affiliate of the largest metal show on radio. With 94.7 Pure Rock’s current broadcast of Full Metal Jackie every Saturday and Sunday night at 11 p.m., the station continues as one of more than 350 affiliates on the Envision Rock Network.

“Jackie has been huge part of our programming throughout the years on KZND. Her show not only fits the rock lifestyle, but she is compelling with great content, delivery and entertainment. You can hear Jackie’s passion for rock in every segment! I am excited to continue our relationship with a lady who can bring it in every show, every week! The name says it all FULL METAL JACKIE,” Vice President of Programming at Alaska Integrated Media Danny Ryan said.

Full Metal Jackie Radio is two hours of fist pounding hard rock, hosted by renowned metal radio personality Full Metal Jackie (FMQB Metal Host of the Year, four time winner, and 2015 Radio Contraband syndicated DJ of the Year nominee), featuring regular interviews with many of metal’s biggest names, past and present. For more information on Full Metal Jackie Radio visit www.fullmetaljackieradio.com.

About Full Metal Jackie:

Full Metal Jackie began her radio career as an on-air personality at WHTG (Neptune, NJ), and later at WDHA (Dover, NJ). After a short stint as on-air host at San Diego’s 94.9 KBZT, Jackie landed the opportunity she had been working toward since her early WSOU days: host and producer of her own (and L.A.’s only) commercial heavy metal radio show, CHAOS on Indie 103.1. Today, Full Metal Jackie’s show can be heard on some of the best rock radio stations throughout the United States.

Full Metal Jackie expanded her two-hour show to a 24/7 hard rock and heavy metal channel on iHeartRadio. Listen here: www.iheart.com/live/Full-Metal-Jackie-6225 Can’t get enough Full Metal Jackie? Take the show with you wherever you go, with the Full Metal Jackie iPhone app available here:


Constantly on the front line of metal, Full Metal Jackie hosted the 2013 Monster Energy Aftershock Festival in Sacramento, CA. Check out footage from the festival here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JbFnBVG5Mjk.

Full Metal Jackie is also the author of the popular heavy metal book, Full Metal Jackie Certified: The 50 Most Influential Heavy Metal Songs Of The ’80s And The True Stories Behind Their Lyrics, which is available in stores and online.

About Envision Networks®:

Envision Networks® provides content and services to more than 1,500 radio stations and reaches millions of listeners each week. Envision Radio Networks, Inc. is the largest independently owned affiliate relations company in the country and supplies all types of programming and services to radio including morning show content, short-form vignettes, virtual weather-news-traffic broadcasts, live syndicated morning shows, long-form weekend programming, 24/7 formats, comedy services, event programming, off-air tools, web content, album releases and artist specials. Envision Networks® is based in Cleveland, Ohio, with offices in New York City and Nashville.



Full Metal Jackie