Audiant™ Releases Results of Country Listener Political Survey

Audiant™ has released the results of its presidential candidate survey conducted earlier this month. The survey was fielded from a nationwide sampling of 248 country radio listeners. It was conducted using the SAM™ Sentiment Analysis Module for radio. SAM™ is a research tool that analyzes written feedback and comments from listeners and presents all findings in an in-depth report for radio stations to use.

The survey yielded more positive comments for democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders than for his opponent, Hillary Clinton. An overview of the survey results is included in the pages that follow. Complete survey reports available by request

Audiant™ President/CEO Hal Fish explained the survey: “We typically conduct music research through our RadioTraks survey products however, ‘tis the season and we thought it would be interesting to see how a passionate group of radio listeners felt about the candidates. They clearly preferred Donald Trump for president but we were also interested in how they felt about his democratic opponents. We identified each Democratic candidate, along with a photo and simply asked, ‘What do you think of this candidate?’ We then ran the resulting comments through our Sentiment Analysis Module (SAM™). SAM™ scores comments on a scale of 1 through 5, where 5 is the most positive comment a person can make.  Bernie comments averaged 2.523, while Hillary’s averaged 2.177. Comments were frequently brutal. The word most often used within a negative comment about Hillary Clinton was ‘Liar.’ The word most often used within a negative comment about Bernie Sanders was ‘Socialist.’ Despite this, Hillary fared better than Bernie in our presidential election poll.”

SAM™ Sentiment Analysis Module for radio is the latest addition to the all-in-one “Audience Interactive” platform by Audiant™ that includes RadioTraks® Music Research, Song Bug® and Majority Rules® Brackets.

Stations start by asking listeners to comment what they think about a song or commercial using their own words, not an arbitrary rating system. The easy-to-use program lets users set up a survey to share new music or spots with listeners using outside links or embeddable YouTube and SoundCloud players. Listeners can access the survey through their computers or mobile devices. With these online surveys, stations get the earliest read on brand new music and commercials without the risk of listener tune-out.

Once a survey has been completed, SAM™ computes all the data. Using custom-created algorithms it gives the comment a rating based on its positivity or negativity. The data is presented in an easy-to-read report and includes the actual comments from listeners so stations get a true sense of how listeners feel about the music or spot.

Beyond just testing new music, SAM™ presents a wealth of revenue opportunities. Custom text and images on the surveys allow stations to solicit sponsorships each time they’re testing new music. SAM™ can also be used to test radio spots for advertisers creating a new incentive to entice potential clients to buy the radio station or increase their current spend.

Stations can learn more about SAM™ by visiting

Affiliates receive access to all products in the Audiant™ suite for just one price. These digital assets are designed to help stations create new revenue, increase listener engagement and conduct music research.

RadioTraks® Music Research puts radio stations in touch with their listeners and in control of their research. With RadioTraks®, a station can set up a new music survey in less than ten minutes that will test how a song is trending, how it performs within specific listener demographics and help them decide which songs to play and how often. RadioTraks® provides valuable research data for stations and promotes listener interaction.

Song Bug® notifies listeners when their favorite songs or artists are about to play. Alerts are delivered via text, email or Twitter, providing listeners with the optimal social experience. Song Bug ® subscribers also have access to the RequesTrak® studio interface that automatically compiles requests that come into the station via web, email or request line.

Majority Rules® Brackets is a web and mobile system for conducting bracket-style tournaments where radio listeners determine the champions. It comes pre-loaded with top artists and songs, so setting up a music-based tournament takes moments. The service also lets users create open tournaments where listeners can vote on anything from the best local pizza place to their favorite beer. You can tailor each tournament to fit your needs with on-air and off-air options, customizable voting windows and multiple bracket sizes available for use.

Audiant™ “Audience Interactive” products are available for barter through Envision Networks®. Contact Amber Wade at or 216-831-3761 for more information about the Audiant™ “Audience Interactive” platform.

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