Guest Services Supplies Exclusive Interview With “Harambe The Gorilla” Caretaker Jerry Stones

Controversy has been swirling around the Cincinnati Zoo’s decision to shoot and kill Harambe, a 17-year-old western lowland gorilla, after a child fell into the enclosure on May 28. Relentless headlines and opinions from many experts have since offered opposing views on the zoo’s actions that resulted in the death of the endangered animal. In an interview courtesy of Envision Networks®’ Guest Services, Jerry Stones, a Texas zookeeper who helped raise Harambe before the gorilla was transferred to the Cincinnati Zoo, spoke with radio affiliates about the tragedy.

In an interview with the Quinn & Cantara Morning Show on WPYX-FM/Albany, New York, Stones discussed misconceptions about gorillas, his time raising Harambe and what’s being done in his memory. Stones offered stories about his experience with the gorilla and his behavior during the incident at the Cincinnati Zoo.

“He was in a situation that he could not win. He didn’t know whether he had to be scared. He didn’t know whether to be curious. He didn’t know what to do. While he sat in there trying to figure out where to go in life, a decision had to be made that didn’t benefit him,” Stones said of Harambe’s behavior after the child fell into the enclosure.

Stones also corrected the assumption that gorillas are inherently vicious, explaining that the gorilla’s size and strength make them more likely to injure someone while being playful instead of actually being aggressive.

“He was playful. He wasn’t mean, but when they run by you and they slap you upside the head, your bell’s going to ring forever. They might kill you playing with you, more than kill you out of meanness,” Stones explained.

While Stones and many others mourn Harambe’s death, they’re using the national attention to raise awareness of declining gorilla populations and raise money for The Harambe Fund. Money donated to the fund will benefit the Mbeli Bai Study, which works to conserve western lowland gorillas.

“We’re going to try and take this devastating death and turn it around and try and get some good out of it in his name,” Stones said.

Further information on The Harambe Fund and details on how to donate can be found at To hear the full interview with Stones, head to

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