Envision Networks® American Biker Minute Shares Update from Daytona Beach

 Though Daytona Beach, Florida isn’t without damage, it won’t stop Biketoberfest® 2016 as over 100,000 motorcycles will roll in to the city this week.

Jeff Ryan, host of Envision Networks®’ American Biker Minute, has provided an update from his home near Daytona Beach to any road warriors making the trek this weekend. Additionally, special Biketoberfest® episodes of American Biker Minute can be heard all this week on affiliate stations of the Envision Rock Network.

Even in the wake of the historic impact of Hurricane Matthew, Biketoberfest® will roll into Daytona Beach on Thursday as scheduled. “Much of Florida’s beautiful beach side highway, ‘A1A’ has been washed over, and in many sections, destroyed as breakers washed over the road, taking black top and cement out to sea. Entrance to a substantial portion of A1A is currently prohibited. Southbound bikers, instead of A1A, take US1 or I-95. Expect a few scattered areas to be without power,” Ryan shared in the post.

Read the full post and view storm damage photos at http://americanbikerminute.com/.

American Biker Minute is a 60-second infotainment segment for motorcycle enthusiasts and the casual biker lifestyle that can be used as a benchmark feature in mornings or throughout the day.  The program blends timely pop-culture content with unique sponsorship opportunities for clients looking to reach listeners fascinated by the motorcycle culture. American Biker Minutes’ interviews, actualities and tidbits make this turnkey imaging product easy for stations to program and sell.

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