Tippi Hedren, Ralph Nader and JoAnne Worley Round Out the Year

 (DECEMBER 2016) – Envision Networks®’ Animal Radio® is wrapping up the year with three big guests.  On Dec. 17, actress Tippi Hedren can be heard on America’s most-listened-to pet talk on 133 radio stations across the country on the Envision Talk Network. She will be followed by Ralph Nader on Christmas Eve and JoAnne Worley on New Year’s Eve.

Tippi Hedren is best known for her role in Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds, although she spent many years playing the role of legislator for exotic animals. She has been influential in creating laws prohibiting pet ownership of tigers and lions.

Ralph Nader is an author, attorney and political activist who has run for President of the United States on multiple occasions. He is known for his involvement in government reform causes, consumer protection and environmentalism.

JoAnne Worley is an actress and comedian best known for her work in Rowan & Martin’s Laugh In. She is the current President of Actors and Others for Animals.

Visit http://AnimalRadio.com to find a local affiliate. This special program can also be heard on the Animal Radio® App for iPhone and Android, iHeart Radio, Stitcher, TuneIn and iTunes. For more information on Animal Radio® contact Amber Wade at 216-831-3761 or amberw@envisionradio.com.

About Envision Networks®:

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