Late Night Icon Promotes New Album, Tour

(MARCH 2017) Late Night TV Icon and Day in Rock host Paul Shaffer spoke with affiliates of Envision Networks®’ Guest Services about  his new album, Paul Shaffer & The World’s Most Dangerous Band, on sale March 17.  He also discussed his friendship with former Late Night and The Late Show host, David Letterman, as well as how the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame “jam session” at the end of the ceremonies came to fruition.
In 1982, Paul Shaffer formed The World’s Most Dangerous Band, and for over three decades they have ruled the late night musical landscape.  After a 24-year gap since their first album, Shaffer and the band’s new album goes on sale March 17, followed by a new tour.
In an interview with Kallaway on the Rise’s Dave and Susan on WIFC-FM, Shaffer discussed his friendship with Letterman. “[Letterman] has made sure that this friendship continues.  It is very sweet,” Shaffer said. “We have dinner…about once a month”
He also discussed how the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame ”jam session” at the end of the induction ceremonies came together.  “We were saying before the first one, well we can’t ask them to play, they’re here to be honored.  We don’t want them to work.  Well, it turned out of course, they were only too thrilled to play and it became tradition.”
Listen to the interview here:

You can catch Paul Shaffer on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Tonight, Wednesday, March 15.
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