KDGS-FM Adds Envision Networks® Phone Checkstm

In a day and age where laughter is the best medicine, KDGS-FM in Wichita, Kansas began broadcasting Envision Networks® Clairissa Jenkins’ Phone Checkstm on-air, online and on demand. Joining the Power 93.5 lineup, Jenkins’ calls wreak havoc on listeners as she takes phone pranks to the next level with her loud, politically incorrect, in-your-face style.

“Phone checks with Clairissa Jenkins are incredibly funny,” said KDGS Program Director Greg Williams. “A component I love is how our listeners can log in to our web site and message her with people they would like to prank. She’s great!”

No one is safe from Clairissa Jenkins Phone Checks
There is no escaping Jenkins’ wrath. Her targets experience eviction notices, rabid dog attacks and fireplace cremations. Phone Checks is a great benchmark feature or morning show bit and affiliated stations receive five new phone checks each week. Power 93.5 joins over 200 affiliates on the Envision Entertainment Network.

Listeners can set up their friends, family and co-workers to be phone checked by Clairissa via the radio station’s web site, cultivating listener engagement and driving web traffic to affiliated stations.

Clairissa Jenkins can be found causing a ruckus on Facebook at www.facebook.com/clairissajenkins and on Twitter at www.twitter.com/clairissaj.

If you want to bring the laughter and listener engagement to your station, please contact Dave Hintz at 216-831-3761 or daveh@envisionnetworks.com.


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