Envision Networks® Celebrity Trash Offers Laughs

Envision Networks® Celebrity Trash with E. Vil Monkey debuted in October offering daily vignettes that highlight the tacky tweets and “pea-brained” posts celebrities think we care about. Snarky reporter E. Vil Monkey is determined to go bananas every day and say what everyone is thinking so listeners can laugh to help improve their health.

The Mayo Clinic shares that stress relief from laughter is no joke. They say that data is mounting about the positive effect laughter has on all of us, such as stimulating many organs, activating and relieving stress responses, and soothing tension. So … radio stations should feature Celebrity Trash for the benefit of their listeners’ health. Who’s to argue with the Mayo Clinic?

Celebrity Trash is pop culture
It’s a feature for the social media generation. From Oprah Winfrey and Bruno Mars to Ryan Gosling and Bill Nye the Science Guy, no celebrity is off limits. Celebrities are called out for their ridiculous posts about travel, family, old photographs and more. Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or blog posts, E. Vil Monkey has something to say about certain celebrity’s constant need for attention.

For information on Celebrity Trash with E. Vil Monkey or other Envision Networks offerings, contact Dave Hintz at 216-831-3761 or daveh@envisionnetworks.com for more information.