(By Affiliate Relations Manager, Ryan Verardi)

When I interned for Cleveland’s Q104 back in 2004, text-to-win campaigns were just gaining momentum as the preferred method for contesting. Flash-forward fourteen years later and those campaigns have quickly become a thing of the past.

Believe it or not, we’re neck deep in the “instant gratification” culture; it’s too cumbersome for people to even get their phones out to text a number to win a contest. Furthermore, the average person listens to radio on their drive to or from work, so why should stations encourage texting while driving in the first place? And don’t even get me started on telling listeners to go to your web site to enter-to-win.

Radio stations can take this “need for instant gratification” society and work with it rather than against it. What if stations could get listeners ALL the details of the contest they’re promoting? The product they’re selling? The tickets they’re giving away or even the new morning show bit they’re debuting with the push of one button?

There are over 175 million people currently using the Shazam app in the United States. Shazam for Radio takes the same technology used for song recognition and applies it to any type of radio audio imaginable. Learn more by calling 216.831.3671 or email us at affiliaterelations@envisionnetworks.com.


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