Bloomington, Indiana’s 97.9 Joins Envision 24/7 Network

(February 2018) – Envision Networks® and Kroeger Media Inc. welcome 97.9 WBBE-FM in Bloomington, Indiana to the BOB FMTM family. The BOB FM™ brand is known for its out of the box presentation where the station becomes a personality and listeners are on a first name basis with the station.

“In Panama City, Florida, BOB FMTM recently hit number one in Persons 12+,” said Kroeger Media President, Howard Kroeger. “The format is in touch with the current listening trends and methodology to take a station to the top of the ratings. BOB FM 97.9 is ready to take its rightful place in Bloomington.”

BOB FMTM brings the format and marketing to your door
You may know BOB FM as the original template from which all of Envision Networks’ “name” formats originated. With a song library consisting of over 1,100 titles that is made up of rock, pop and adult contemporary music, BOB’s unique sound is best described as one big mix tape for adult listeners who are too young to be considered full-fledged baby-boomers and a little too old to be considered part of generation X.

Affiliates have the rights to use the BOB FMTM name and logo, access to a constantly updated music library, constant supply of creative on-air copy and cutting-edge station imaging including voice, sweeper, promos and jingles. BOB FMTM also offers off-air support with promotional ideas, daily music logs and programming guidance.

For information contact or call 216.831.3761.


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