Envision Networks®’ voice actor/impersonator/script service offers more options than ever

(April 2018) – In a creative lull this season? Envision Networks and 140 Characters are working every day to acquire more voices, write more scripts and help create bits for radio station use.

We’re happy to announce even more voices to the 140 Characters roster for you to choose from to liven up your show. 140 Characters now offers hilarious impersonations of:

  • Morgan Freeman
  • Samuel L. Jackson
  • Tom Brokaw
  • Dr. Phil
  • Regis Philbin


Plus, we’ve added new character voice impersonators including everyone’s favorite propane and propane accessories salesman Hank Hill.

Not sure how to work impersonators into your show in a fun way? Check out our new featured bit where listeners guess a song after hearing Trump recite the lyrics.

About 140 Characters:
Most radio groups aren’t in a position to hire full-time staff writers or voice talent to impersonate celebrities and pop culture icons. Whether it’s scripts for topic starters, phone scams and parodies, real voices to act as callers, or home-grown characters who call in to your show weekly to help you build great ongoing stories, 140 Characters offers you the talent you need on demand.

How easy is it to get started? From the writer’s room to the airwaves, we provide a simple process to access 140 Characters.

  • Visit 140characterslive.com
  • Listen to samples
  • Fill out the request at the bottom of the celebrity impersonators or Voice Actors pages
  • Submit your request


For information on 140 Characters and other Envision Networks programs, contact us at 140characters@envisionnetworks.com or call 216.831.3761 for more information.



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