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(June 2018) – We’re excited to announce the panelists participating in our webinar on how to program your underperforming station for success using 24/7 formats. “24/7 Formats: Turning Underperforming Stations into Profit Centers,” as part of the Coffee with Envision webinar series, will be a panel discussion with some of the most successful format designers in the industry. We’re happy to welcome Howard Kroeger of Kroeger Media, creator of the HANK FM and BOB FM formats, Brian Burns, creator of the brand new innovative No Borders Radio bilingual CHR format, Mike Marino, legendary producer and creator of Jammin’ Radio and MOOD FM formats, George Gimarc, the creator of Today’s Comedy Network and Stand Up Rock, and Neal Sabin of MeTV-FM fame.

Do you have an underperforming radio station or purposeless translator? Our all-star panelists will give you advice, tips and solutions.

The value of 24/7 formats is increasing, especially for underperforming stations on FM, AM, HD2 or HD3 and translator signals in any market size. This panel will share the processes behind formatting, imaging, and marketing a 24/7 format, as well as how the programming can create ratings and revenue in any given market.

Join us on Wednesday, June 27, 2018, at 2:00 p.m. EST.

In “24/7 Formats: Turning Underperforming Stations into Profit Centers” you will learn:

  • Why 24/7 formats can turn around underperforming stations and increase revenue
  • How imaging and local customization from a format can build an audience
  • When to target a niche format in an overcrowded radio market


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Coffee with Envision is a webinar series that provides information and education on popular trends in the radio industry and common issues radio professionals encounter. Topics covered will include ways to generate new revenue, tips for programming a winning station, the latest format successes and much more.

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