Blog by Gary James, Envision Networks Affiliate Relations Manager

Programmers and air talent can learn a lot from the listener. Listeners know what they want from a radio station. They know how much music they want to hear, how long they’ll listen to commercials. They know when they are tired of hearing the same song over and over, and they know how a song or a topic from a stop set makes them feel.

In order to compete with all the on-demand options that are available, a station needs to anticipate what listeners want, and give it to them. To make your station successful, tap into your listeners’ opinions.

Here’s how:

There are a number of tools available to help you learn from your listeners.  Let’s take a look at the Audiant suite of services and what you can learn.

EZ Trak is an online music research survey that is simple to use and allows you the opportunity to find out if your P1 listeners love a song or are getting burned out on it.  You can set up a survey in less than 10 minutes and ask your listener to rate the songs.  By using the listeners in your database, you will make them feel like you care about their wants, needs and desires.  Listeners that interact with the station are more likely to feel as if they have a vested interest in your station. They take ownership of the station and will keep coming back.

Next you will want to introduce your listeners to SAM, the Sentiment Analysis Module.  SAM is a tool that analyzes written feedback from listeners, in an in-depth report.  You start out by asking listeners to comment about a song or commercial, in their own words.  SAM will analyze what the comments and through custom algorithms tell you if the comments are positive or negative.  It gives you a true sense of how they feel at a glance.

Finally listeners can interact with the station through Song Bug. Song Bug is a “Now Playing” feature on your station website that also will send alerts to listeners when their favorite song is going to be played.  Listeners can request to be notified when a particular song or specific artist will be on the air.  Song Bug provides the ultimate in appointment listening.

Three easy to use tools in one suite of products designed to give “control” to the listener. Listeners want to feel appreciated and feel like you care about them.  When they feel important, they will stay loyal to the station.


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