The Police drummer interviews via Envision Networks® guest booking service

(July 2018) — Stewart Copeland, drummer of the now defunct trio The Police, recently interviewed with affiliates of Envision Networks®’ Guest Services, and he gave morning shows some interesting insights on Police bandmate, Sting, as well as some other unlikely bandmates in a private school supergroup known only as “The Grateful Dad.”

“I can tell you this about Sting,” said Copeland to Wendy and Rob on New Jersey’s 107.1 The Boss. “Anything that people think they know, most is wrong actually… It’s rare that the public and private personas of an individual are so different. The public persona is so different from the guy. The guy is a very humble guy with a great sense of humor and self-deprecating and a pretty cheerful character actually, but the persona is very deep and mysterious.”


However, Sting might not be the most interesting person Copland has played with, or almost played with in this case. Copeland mentioned the almost collaboration with Bob Dylan to The World Famous Frank Show on KLPX in Tucson, saying “He’s a dad at our school. These Westside schools, they have their gala events where they’re raising money, and whatever dads in the school are musicians, we form a band which we call ‘The Grateful Dad.’ This particular instance is Gene Simmons, Steven Stills and me. And Bob Dylan bailed. He bailed on us. I mean who would bail on such a lineup! Steven Stills and Gene Simmons—I’m in!”


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