Wardlaw gives exclusive insight into Cleveland’s Legendary Radio Station

(August 2018) – Envision Networks®’ Director of Operations Matt Wardlaw recently penned an oral history of the legendary Buzzard, WMMS 100.7 FM (Cleveland) for its upcoming 50th anniversary for Scene Magazine. The oral history features some of the biggest names from The Buzzard’s 50-years as a heritage radio station including Billy Bass, Denny Sanders, John Gorman, Jeff & Flash, Betty Korvan, B.L.F. Bash, Kid Leo, Joe Cronauer, Jennifer Wylde and Bo Matthews.

Wardlaw, who worked at ‘MMS early in his career, had this to say: “It’s been a wild ride and I credit my time at WMMS as the source of so much of the knowledge I’ve applied in the years that have followed. It was a real thrill to help craft this mammoth story with Scene’s Jeff Niesel. I felt like it was a chance to repay a bit of the debt that I owe to ‘MMS. My closet will always have Buzzard t-shirts in double digits.”

Jeff Niesel, music editor of Scene Magazine and co-writer of the article added, “In the ’70s and into the ’80s, WMMS became synonymous with rock ‘n’ roll in Cleveland. With the station’s 50th anniversary looming on the horizon, Scene Magazine is excited to present an oral history of the station that includes interviews with many of the people who made the station so influential.”

Read “An Oral History of WMMS, Cleveland’s Legendary Radio Station” here.

Check out Matt’s thoughts on the making-of-the-article including unreleased details from his interviews.


Matt Wardlaw Shares Exclusive Details from Compiling History of WMMS