Show now airs on KEDB-FM, KRWN-FM, KIWA-FM & WRHL

(August 2018) – The Wolfman Jack Radio Show is taking over the country once again on KEDB-FM in Des Moines, Iowa, KRWN-FM in Farmington, New Mexico, KIWA-FM in Sioux City, Iowa and WRHL in Rockford, Illinois. The show features all of the Wolfman’s comedy bits, funny phone calls, crazy characters, celebrity interviews and great music from the 60’s & 70’s, all in its original glory and digitally remastered for today’s listeners.

“Wolfman Jack is back and blowing up the airwaves again,” said CEO Danno Wolkoff. “In my 30 plus years of launching network programming for radio stations to broadcast I have never seen this many affiliations so quickly. The Wolfman legend continues.”

Your music playlist, plus Christmas and Halloween
Affiliates in other markets may choose to incorporate Wolfman Jack’s zany antics with their own music playlist and use the show actualities to run as a shorter weekly program or as a daily show. As part of the package, affiliates also receive the two-hour specials: the Wolfman Jack Halloween Party and the Wolfman Jack Christmas Party.

For more information on The Wolfman Jack Radio Show or any of our show and service offerings, contact us at 216.831.3761 or For further info about the Wolfman check out


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