Classic Halloween special now available through Envision Networks®

(September 2018) – It’s almost that time of year, when the mass-produced costume stores start popping up in strip malls and the coffee shops start pumping out pumpkin spice flavored everything. But, for the spookiest time of year, your listeners deserve more classic festive fun. The Wolfman Jack Halloween Party is the best Halloween Party around as it takes your listeners back to Halloweens of the 60s and 70s with the horror fanatic Wolfman Jack himself.

The Wolfman Jack Halloween Party 2-hour special is an exclusive market offering for affiliates of the daily or weekly Wolfman Jack Radio Show distributed by Envision Networks®. The show and Halloween special have been digitally remastered to bring the Wolfman Jack show in living color (and sound) to your listeners.

For more information on The Wolfman Jack Radio Show or any of our show and service offerings, contact us at 216.831.3761 or For further info about the Wolfman check out


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