Stations across Maryland now hear new commercial voices in spot breaks

(October 2018) – Maryland News Networks’ (MNN) 35 stations will enjoy better sounding spots with Envision Networks®ExpressVO providing more commercial voices and full-service radio spot production. MNN will save time on production and add a variety of voices with ExpressVO’s customizable, fully-produced radio commercials through its SpotVO service.

“The Maryland News Network chose ExpressVO because we wanted a bank of major market voices to offer our statewide advertisers,” said Steve Clendenin, CEO & President of MNN. “ExpressVO is perfect for Maryland News Network since the reads are ready for us within hours, and a produced commercial can be done in the same day. It’s quick and simple to send copy. By using the service, we can turn spec spots around quick, speeding up the sales process for our network!”

ExpressVO offers unlimited access to a wide selection of voices for radio spots in English and Spanish. Affiliates simply send in their own copy and choose a voice that best fits their needs. ExpressVO helps affiliates get their spots read and fully produced for the airwaves in as little as 24 hours.

For information on ExpressVO, contact us at or call 216.831.3761.


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