Envision Networks® service offers 24/7 video feed for radio’s digital sites

Listeners are devouring video entertainment on their phones and mobile devices and Envision Networks® wants to help radio stations grab a larger slice of the market. Today, if you aren’t delivering video content, you’re leaving digital dollars on the table. With 87% of online marketers now using videos, we have what you need to deliver new revenue streams.

Snackable Daily Videos is the new service from Envision Networks® and Norstar Media for radio stations to place up-to-date, short and topical video segments on their web pages, apps and other digital platforms. Snackable Videos adds new segments daily for news, sports, lifestyle and music stories without the station having to create, edit, distribute and monetize the content each and every time.

“The most demanded audience – millennials- are the video on the go audience that you can build in your market – online, on mobile, on your apps for enhanced revenue opportunities,” said Norstar Media CEO, Laurence W. Norjean. “Radio needs to be the new video star, radio has a voice, a social media presence and the local power that can deliver new more-involved audiences and media convergence for increased revenue locally and nationally.”

Snackable Daily Videos feature fresh news, sports, entertainment and weather content daily
With videos from over 400 sources, we deliver over 3,000 new pieces of video every day! Place the hottest topics in your audience’s hands. Every day, the video segments feature a rotating lineup of the most talked about and popular news, sports and entertainment topics. The topics are broken down into categories representing each topic for easy viewing and skimming by your listeners, so they stay on your sites longer.

“Video will represent 80 percent of all internet traffic by 2019,” said Envision Networks CEO, Danno Wolkoff. “Snackable Daily Videos is one more way that we can help radio stations drive traffic to their apps and websites with a constant and original video feed that will create new revenue streams.”

Coming soon: Music news and features
We’ll soon add a rotating music video channel featuring artist interviews, song videos, behind-the-scenes concert footage, new artist spotlights and more.

Personalize the video programming and increase revenue
Stations control what video programs are in their rotation and it’s easy to manage. The player is universal and confirms to all apps and websites. Snackable Daily Videos also provide an extra avenue for new sponsorship and can be sold locally as well as nationally.

Stations should contact Envision Networks at snackable@envisionnetworks.com or call 216.831.3761 to get started.


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Snackable Daily Videos