It’s easy to get caught up in the marketing clichés. From “The Rule of Seven” to “Content is King.” I like to say we’re in the “Rage of the Digital Age.” Everyone thinks that digital is what’s hot and from a marketing perspective, it makes sense. Go where the people congregate.

It’s Capital One

However, this over simplifies all of the creative ways we can engage our audience. It isn’t like Capital One’s ad agency person pulled the “What’s in your wallet?” tag line out of a can of clichés and put it up on a web site, posted it on social media and watched the millions of new card holders line up for a chance to say, “It’s in my wallet.” They went marketing deep … way deep.

Searching your toolbox

It’s imperative that when it comes to your station you understand how to get your message out and make it fact. It means doing more than relying on using your airwaves to build your marketing brand.

Every time we introduce a new format, show, feature or service, I think about our audience. You. I learn everything I can. I search for other like-minded products and learn from them. I differentiate. I’m always tweaking and refining as I try to pull out the right marketing tools to effectively communicate that our new feature will make your job easier … and successful.

Using multiple tools is the hammer to the nail

When you have nailed down your product and know how you want to brand it, and you know what your audience is looking for, the time is right to reach into your toolbox.

Embrace digital. Find out what social platforms your listeners and advertisers use and be there. Make your web site an extension of your on-air brand, sound and personality. Program your web site just as passionately as your airwaves. Let your air personalities shine. Give them blog and web space, distribute their social media platforms.

Trust that traditional marketing tools still play an important part. Use your local advertising materials such as television and news media contacts. Send out press releases, create videos that can be run across all your platforms that can feature video.

If you don’t embrace all the ways in which you can get your brand out there, you’ll simply be outmaneuvered by the crosstown competition.

I’m just touching on the highlights. Do your homework. Learn. Improve. Grow. If you would like to talk marketing, shoot me an email at As a passionate marketer, I always get as much out of sharing ideas as I receive in return.

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