98.7 WASK-FM Joins Paul Shaffer’s Day in Rock and Drive By Funny Lineups

You don’t have to go far in Lafayette, Indiana to find the coolest kid on the block, Paul Shaffer, working in conjunction with the funniest comedians of all time. Now that 98.7 WASK-FM is airing Envision Networks®Paul Shaffer’s Day in Rock and Drive By Funny, the level of hip and hilarious gives listeners a combination not normally found on the radio.

“When we decided WASK needed more content for the station, Paul Schaffer’s Day in Rock and Drive By Funny were a perfect fit,” said WASK-FM Operations Manager, Mike Shamus. “Let them do the work and our listener’s get great content! Easy to use, plug and play.”

Paul Shaffer’s Day in Rock is number one on the cool factor

The daily vignettes draw on Shaffer’s encyclopedia of rock knowledge and quick wit. It’s a perfect benchmark feature that can be programmed throughout the day and offers unique sponsorship opportunities for radio stations.

Drive By Funny reaches the listeners’ funny bones

Featuring more than 18,000 comedy cuts, Drive By Funny’s contemporary and classic comedy cuts are safe for work, at home or in the car. Listeners will enjoy having a “laugh button” to push all day long.

For information on carrying these offerings, contact us at 216.831.3761 or affiliaterelations@envisionnetworks.com.



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