24-hour Spanish Language Format Service for Broadcast Radio

Now, broadcast owner/operators everywhere have a new, viable option that enables them to efficiently program live-hosted Spanish language radio in their local market. Lazer Broadcasting Corporation, headquartered in Oxnard, California, and SuiteRadio LLC of Houston have teamed up in a joint syndication agreement to offer Lazer Broadcasting’s “Radio Lazer” format for 24-hour local affiliation service represented exclusively through Envision Networks® based in Cleveland, Ohio.

Radio Lazer, now part of Envision 24/7 Network offerings, is a modern Regional Mexican format playing today’s most popular songs in a Top-40 environment. The artists are all superstars and the music is designed to be familiar and approachable, so the listeners are never too far away from hearing their favorite song. You could say that Radio Lazer plays the “Kenny Chesney’s,” “Faith Hill’s” and “Rascal Flatts’” of Spanish Radio. The Radio Lazer format is family and female friendly with personalities that appeal to a broad base of Latino consumers between the ages of 18 and 49.

Radio Lazer is the latest addition to the SuiteRadio roster of 24-hour broadcast formats www.suiteradio.net.

Joshua Mednick, COO of Lazer Broadcasting said, “For a while now, Lazer Broadcasting has been looking for the proper outlet to make our programming available to broadcasters across the U.S. We believe that SuiteRadio is the perfect partner. Pat and his team are terrific to work with and their technology and flexible delivery system make it so easy for both the content creator and the end-user.”

Pat Fant, SuiteRadio COO, commented, “Our SuiteRadio crew is thrilled to be working with such a successful broadcaster in this highly sought-after market segment. No one executes Regional Mexican better than Lazer Broadcasting.”

The “Radio Lazer” format is the first of three Spanish language music formats that Lazer Broadcasting plans to make available through SuiteRadio. Broadcasters looking to create a strong Spanish Language radio station, that are not equipped locally to engage in this marketplace, need to take a close look at the Radio Lazer format on SuiteRadio.”


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