Envision Networks® launch MeTV FM on WXZO-FM

MeTV FM has found another home with Burlington/Plattsburgh’s WXZO-FM. 96.7 MeTV FM is now on the air. Listeners will hear timeless and memorable music from the station’s extensive library of active titles, incorporating a wide variety of classic hits, deep tracks and softer sounds from the 60s, 70s, 80s, and beyond. MeTV FM is the popular music companion to MeTV, Memorable Entertainment Television, America’s #1 all classic television network.

“Listeners love the variety and hearing songs that aren’t played anywhere on the radio, said Vox Partner/WXZO-FM Owner, Ken Barlow. “We are unique and going after an audience that are still heavy terrestrial radio users and no one else does!”

 Tie in to the Number One Classic TV Network

MeTV actively supports affiliates with daily promotional TV announcements that advertise the radio affiliate in each market to its viewers.

Broadcasting on WRME 87.7 FM in Chicago since 2015, the station finds itself consistently ranking top 10 in the ratings and capturing audiences for an impressive 3:45 in time spent listening, beating many other legacy stations in the third largest media market in the country.

For information on MeTV FM and other Envision Networks programs, contact us at metv@envisionnetworks.com or call 216.831.3761.


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