Envision Networks®’ service connects everyday voices with shows wanting reality

If your current topic starters belong in the junk pile, it’s time to get Voice Junkies to put the right spin into your show. We know all good radio shows win with attitude and this new service from Envision Networks® quickly matches that energy with real people calling in with topics that shows want to discuss. The male and female voices of Voice Junkies provide the realism that gets the phones buzzing with listeners who want to engage with the show.

“We all want callers to help connect with listeners. A good topic and one great call gets people talking where you want them … on your airwaves creating real buzz,” said Envision Networks’ VP/Programming, Michael Lichtstein. “Our logo features Junk E. Dawg and it’s this type of attitude that our voices use to bring reality to your show each and every day.”

Voice Junkies offers everything you need to engage listeners

Topic starters are not enough to get the conversation going but with Voice Junkies you can set the tone for your entire show. The service also provides more professional voices offering characters and celebrity voices, along with pre-written scripts to use for topic starters, phone scams, parodies and more.

Stations can receive one free topic starter voice with just a few clicks. Visit voicejunkies.com, click on the Topic Starter Voices menu tab, listen to the samples of our real-everyday voices and fill out the short form at the bottom of the page to try it out.

Or, call Envision Networks at 216.831.3761and say that you want Voice Junkies now. If you have too much attitude to call, email us at voicejunkies@envisionnetworks.com.


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