What are a couple tips for determining where outside voices can be integrated into a show?

Topic starters. When a radio talent asks his or her listeners “So, we want to know if you’ve ever stolen anything from where you work,” it’s possible actual listeners could have good stories to share but that isn’t always the case.

It’s completely acceptable to set-up “callers” that sound real and who can supply you with terrific stories, including stories you feed to them personally.

Another way to integrate these voices is to have them ask a question to a celebrity the talent is speaking with on the air.  It helps break up the monotony of a one-on-one interview and the “caller” can probably get away with asking a question the radio talent themselves cannot ask.     

What qualities make for a good “voice” to add to a show? 

Voices that sound like actual listeners calling in.  We want “real” and “organic”, even if it isn’t.

Is it a good idea to search for voices that can be regular characters/callers on a show? 

If a caller or character catches on, then absolutely. They can become a benchmark on the show. We have a station in San Diego who continues to bring back an angry, Irish character names Seamus. Listeners love him and the station feeds him a script to deliver every couple of weeks.

Where can show producers/talent look to find voices to bring into the fold?



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