By Ryan Verardi, Affiliate Sales Manager

Radio programmers have a hard-enough time retaining their regular listening audience. Now, in the so-called “digital age,” they also need to develop new and creative strategies of building an online presence. With digital competitors like Spotify and Apple Music continuing to gain momentum, not only are listeners going off air but so are the ad dollars.

Forbes predicted back in 2017 that the US digital marketing spend will be near $120 BILLION by 2021. Furthermore, online video advertising remains the fastest growing part of that spend, with 2018 seeing a total of $4.2 billion spent on mobile video ads.

How can radio stations refocus their efforts online? One way is becoming more hyperlocal. Hyperlocal is bringing your local community together online to share a common interest. What is a common interest? It’s different for each local market, but one example is local high school sports. Think of how many high school athletes compete nationwide. Now take that number and multiply it by at least 5 and you now have all the athletes’ parents, grandparents, friends, relatives, etc. That is your hyperlocal audience. Now imagine how much money they spend and now you have the local advertiser’s audience.

Another way to increase your online presence is simply by adding more video content. Think of your listeners while they’re at work, waiting in the doctor’s office, or even just sitting at home on their phone. They should visit your web site and want to stay. An unlimited stream of videos to watch to keep them engaged will make time spent a reality.

Keeping up with listener behaviors is the key to success, not just in radio but any medium. I would love to speak with you more about this so please feel free to contact me at or call my office at 216.831.3761.