Classic Radio Show now airing across Finger Lakes on 850 AM and 93.9 FM

Wolfman Jack Radio is prepping the Rochester and Finger Lakes area for Spring. WYLF 850 AM and 93.9 FM is the station that shakes the lakes and rocks the rivers with the original, legendary Wolfman Jack Radio Show each and every week.

“It’s been great! Our listeners and advertisers love it.” said Tim Stratton, station owner. “It brings back a lot of memories from folks. We’ve even had calls and emails from younger listeners who tell us that they like hearing it because their parents talked about Wolfman!”

Your music playlist, plus future holiday’s

Radio stations can broadcast the original shows or may choose to incorporate Wolfman Jack’s zany antics with their own music playlist and use the show actualities to run as a shorter weekly program or as a daily show. As part of the package, affiliates also receive the two-hour specials: the Wolfman Jack Halloween Party and the Wolfman Jack Christmas Party.

For more information on The Wolfman Jack Radio Show or any of our show and service offerings, contact us at 216.831.3761 or For further info about the Wolfman check out


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