Imaging is a radio station’s signature. It’s the sound and composition that lets a listener know who they’re listening to and allows the listener to easily pick your station out. 

Great imaging takes time. It takes time to conceptualize the image you want to portray. It takes time to write it, send it out to your station imaging voice. It takes time for the imaging to be returned. It takes time to get it produced and ingested into your automation system. By the time all production is complete, you may have a couple weeks invested in your sweepers, bumpers, stingers, etc.

Perception is reality. Programmers know that imaging needs to be timely and current to keep your station relevant. You need to create a defined image to promote recall of your brand/station. Scripts should be targeted to your listener in a language and terms that are relatable.

Imaging should make it easy to remember the brand/station they are listening to and have a “call to action.” A good call to action will keep listeners tuned in during stop sets and will direct them to your web site and digital assets, building a strong online presence.

The biggest complaint I hear from programmers is that they don’t have time to keep updating imaging.  That’s when I’ll suggest looking at ImagingChopShop. ImagingChopShop provides stations with a major market, professional imaging voice that is market exclusive and is available to turnaround voiced and fully-produced imaging in less than 48 hours.   

In some cases, programmers have a great imaging voice but don’t have the time to spend in production.  Two great solutions exist within ImagingChopShop. First, the imaging and production specialists will use the voices you submit to create imaging that sells your station. Secondly, it saves you time from doing it yourself while using a production library that specializes in “shells.” Shells allow you to easily listen, download and add your voiceover to the shell to make it sound like you spent hours producing beds.  Overall, AudioChopShop provides you with audio that is truly multi-formatted.

When you’re looking to create an image for your brand, there are many options available to programmers. I’d suggest consulting with the affiliate team at Envision Networks to review what you’re currently doing. We’ll be able to consult you on what’s right for your stations.

Learn more about ImagingChopShop and AudioChopShop.


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