Envision Networks’® welcomes newest affiliate KTTS-FM

94.7 Today’s KTTS has the tools to better understand their most loyal listeners after adding Focus 360’s Bridge Ratings, a custom-based measuring service that tracks the streaming music consumption of the stations’ P1 audience. KTTS’ programming team can now better understand what music their listeners are consuming before it appears in other sources.

“Seeing what songs our Country P1s are streaming and buying is so helpful to the Springfield market,” said Bo Jaxson, KTTS’s Operations Manager. “Great local info to help add and schedule music.”

Bridge Ratings gives programmers a jump on their competition

Now distributed through Envision Networks®, Bridge Ratings uses its streaming service, StreamStats™, to create custom reports for its affiliates. Heavy radio listeners stream differently than light or non-radio users and affiliates can use that to their advantage by playing the right music first.

For information on Bridge Ratings visit envisionnetworks.com or contact us at  bridgeratings@envisionnetworks.com or 216.831.3761.