Classic radio show airing across California’s San Joaquin and Central Valley Regions

Envision Networks®The Wolfman Jack Radio Show is “howling” high above the valley as he rules again over the airwaves of Bakersfield’s Groove 99.3 KKBB-FM. Listeners are experiencing the legendary Wolfman Jack’s famous antics every Sunday morning.

“It was simply a no-brainer for us to add him to THE GROOVE 99.3,” said Program Director Danny Palacios. “His show is truly timeless and classic.”

Play The Original Or Shake It Up

Radio stations can broadcast the original shows or may choose to incorporate Wolfman Jack’s zany antics with their own music playlist and use the show actualities to run as a shorter weekly program or daily show.

For more information on The Wolfman Jack Radio Show contact us at 216.831.3761 or For further info about the Wolfman check out


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