Envision Networks® now offering MusicONE, TrafficONE and PlayoutONE Pro

When Steve Warren was pioneering the Hot Country format in the 80s, he imagined ways to improve the music scheduling process. He developed MusicONE. Now, MusicONE along with scheduling software platforms TrafficONE and PlayoutONE Pro are being offered exclusively through Envision Networks®.

This power trio works together seamlessly using artificial intelligence to schedule, automate and load everything from music and commercials to billing and even social media. They form one robust, user-friendly programming and automation system built with the latest technology that makes scheduling faster, insertion easier and virtual broadcast control possible.

“I was a boy-program director when the digital age came creeping into our radio lives and I’ve seen all the trials, errors and evolution,” said MusicONE CEO and Founder Steve Warren. “Early on, we all knew a fully integrated triad suite of software was what we needed. I’m now proud to say that with my partners Neil Campbell, Dave Brierley-Jones and his team in the UK, we have engineered the solution that does everything right”

Fun Fact:

MusicONE was the first music scheduler for both Macintosh and Windows, having been originally created for Mac computers the software was then re-formatted to run on the Windows platform in 1994.

On average, music directors can accurately schedule a day’s log error free in under 10 minutes with today’s MusicONE software.

For information on MusicONE, TrafficONE and PlayoutONE Pro, visit our web page envisionnetworks.com or contact us at  onesolution@envisionnetworks.com or 216.831.3761.


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