Envision Networks®’ automotive show’s new look increases popularity

Looking at the Google Analytics today, Our Auto Expert’s web site is much improved.  When the updates elevated, users went up 37% over the previous 28 days with 5,800 and attracting 1,800 for the 7 preceding days. The sites improved functionality is grabbing listeners and viewers who spend more time on the pages and increases the show’s popularity, which in turn gives affiliates of the show additional exposure as well.

It’s easier than ever to view the latest auto reviews, motorcycle reviews and car tech reviews posted by auto industry expert and show host Nik Miles.

Auto Expert Nik Miles
Seen on NBC Sports, Fox Sports, CNN, and Fox Morning News TV shows as well as local stations in New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles. Miles test drives over 150 of the latest models every year and travels the entire world to attend car events from London to Tokyo and Paris to British Columbia.

For information on Our Auto Expert, visit envisionnetworks.com or contact us at ourautoexpert@envisionnetworks.com or 216.831.3761.


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