Cars and Geeks and Wolves, Oh My!

KTC Broadcasting debuts several of Envision Networks®’ shows to North Carolina. The Charlotte cluster is bringing listeners one-minute features covering autos and cool tech news as well as two hours of music and antics from the legendary Wolfman Jack.

  • WOHS-AM and WLON-AM are keeping up with the latest insider tech reviews from Geek Out, a daily vignette highlighting everything techies love from movies and video games to reviews of the latest and greatest of today’s technology.
  • WCSL-AM starts listeners’ engines with Our Auto Expert’sTop 50 auto journalist Nik Miles. The daily feature provides a behind-the-scenes look at cars, trucks, SUVs and the future of the automotive industry.
  • WOHS-AM has brought back the iconic Wolfman Jack Radio Show each Saturday for two hours. Listeners will once again hear the classic radio show hosted by Radio Hall of Famer Wolfman Jack containing his hilarious comedy bits, funny phone calls, crazy characters, celebrity interviews and great music.

Visit our web page and contact us at or 216.831.3761 to learn more.


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