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“Within days we started to feel an audience buzz about the Clairissa Phone Checks. It’s a great addition to The Q Morning Show.”
Chris Taylor, Operations Manager at WHBQ-FM

Guest Services has really made my life much easier and made my show stand out from the competition. I didn’t have the time or resources to book some major guests on the show, but with Guest Services I now can. It’s great to be in a small market and still have the ability to interview compelling guests.”
Stroke Mastro, Program Director at WYYX-FM

“The guys with AudioMonky are no robotic simians–they are creative geniuses who have developed contextualized branding that will give us the creative edge to “darle una patada” (literally, kick some major league butt) to the competition, and help our station be competitively branded!”
Benjamin “El Chupacabras” Reed, Program Director at KFTA AM 970

Clarissa Jenkins’ Phone Checks is the kind of feature that Program Director’s dream about. We have it benchmarked right in the middle of PM Drive on WILD 101, and hardly a week goes by that somebody doesn’t tell me that they sit in their cars laughing themselves silly until that day’s bit comes to an end. Quite simply, you can’t ask for more than that!”
Mark Feather, Program Director at KWYD

“Within the first 30 seconds of listening to The Core you completely understand what it’s all about. The show is conversational in a way that makes the listener feel a part of it. I found myself wanting to hear more.”
James Steele, Program Director at WROX-FM

“Anyone in morning radio knows you’ve got to find what you need fast with no time for guessing games. Excited to have Radio Playbook at my fingertips first thing in the morning. The audio is there, the print is there and it’s all super current and topical material that any audience can relate with.”
JD Green, host of the Breakfast Club on WWFY-FM.

Absolute Imaging is top-notch, from the sound elements and stagers, to the beats, drops and breakdown-ready sweepers, which come in handy when I’m too busy to do them myself. Absolute Imaging keeps KS95 sounding like the Legendary Station that it is.”
Jym Geraci, Imaging/Production Director at KSTP-FM

“With E-Quest Alert, we are able to create custom appointment listening for our audience. Now the listener is able to know exactly when my station is going to play their favorite song. We are able to stay connected to each listener personally…and that is a very cool tool to have!”
Braden Smith, Program Director at WGRX

AmeriCountry is the most efficient way to round out my prep. In fact, it’s the ONLY prep service I use. The humor sections, heart strings stories and lifestyle segments are absolutely the best and the daily audio features rock. With so much info at my fingertips, I know every morning that I’ll have exactly what I need and more!”
Tom Bigbee, Morning Drive at KTFW-FM

“When programming a Classic Rocker, we don’t have the luxury of using monitoring services for spin information, callout information, etc. to help create our playlist. We are looking forward to using the research system provided by EZ Trak to show us which songs are resonating with our audience and which songs aren’t.”
JJ Fabini, Co-General Manager/Operations at WXKE

SpotVO helps us with the everyday challenge of finding multiple voices outside of our regular announcers. We have always had a hard time finding strong female voices and SpotVO fills that void. Our radio station sounds brighter and more professional thanks to the talented work they provide.”
John Sterling, General Manager at KSEQ-FM

“We are excited to add The Final Verdict feature to our line-up. This is a nice feature to add more information and entertainment to our station. We have only had the show on for a short while and have ALREADY had positive feedback, not to mention the nice ADDITIONAL new billing from a local attorney!”
John Small, Owner – General Manager at Sunny Radio

The Country Oldies Show’s content, special features and music provide us with entertaining and compelling radio for our listeners! Great program not only for a Classic Country formatted station, but The Country Oldies Show would be a good fit for any Mainstream Country Station!”
Marty Williams, Program Director at WUCL-FM

Guest Services, where have you been all my life?! So far I’ve talked to Ron Perlman, Joe Perry, Drea de Matteo and Jimmy Smits. The quality of guests is second to none and the booking process is a breeze! I’m a one-man band, no producer, so if I can have success with Guest Services so can you! Stop reading this and get signed up!”
Tony Tone, morning host and program director, KMCS-FM

“We believe the High School SportSite is a unique opportunity to expand our commitment to local sports. The numerous high school and university games we originate on our five-station cluster will flow through this site, as well as our daily sports talk programming.”
Bill Pharis, President at Fort Smith Radio Group

The Live Ride with Marty McFly brings a certain energy that you don’t normally find on the radio! The excitement of being at a show and the feeling of rubbing elbows with the stars is a perfect way to kick start a weekend!”
Josh Weber, Program Director at WPLZ-FM

“When it comes to radio imaging effects, there’s everyone else…and then there’s Absolute Imaging. We’ve been using Rick Allen’s libraries exclusively for over 15 years — because no matter what the format, his stuff makes promos and sweepers cut through and stand out!”
Bob Lawson, Assistant Program Director at WJMK-FM

“We continue to look for ways to enhance our coverage of High School sports and becoming an affiliate of High School SportsSite and its ScoreFeeder feature was a natural partnership. I’m confident the coaches, fans and alumni of our county schools, who love high school sports, will immediately see the benefits of visiting this great website regularly.”
– Bob Greenburg, Sports Director at WWIZ-FM

Full Metal Jackie’s depth of knowledge, artist interviews and playlist will give our station the metal vein our listeners have been begging us to tap into. Instant metal head street cred.”
Tristan Negranti, Program Director at KURQ-FM

“We listened to pretty much every service out there and “AudioChopShop was the clear-cut winner. Their rock imaging tools are the best we’ve heard, and the sports and cinematic movie trailer stuff is all top-notch too… it’s definitely making our station sound bigger than ever”
– Brian Lopez, Assistant Program Director at KSEG-FM

“With millions of Apps being created every year, AppCheck will give our listeners the ability to sort through the good ones and avoid the bad ones! With the technology changing all the time, this feature keeps WTUZ ahead of everyone else in today’s App world!”
Steve Kelly, Program Director at WTUZ-FM

Guest Services is so helpful it’s almost like having an additional member on our morning show! Fantastic guests who are in the news and being talked about RIGHT NOW. Helps to make our show look great–thanks so much!”
Tracey Carroll, Morning Show Producer at WMJI-FM

“As Program Director and Operations Manager of a group of radio stations, the service provided by the Imaging Chop Shop is truly invaluable! I was impressed by the wide selection of voices to choose from to fit our station’s image. And the “fully produced” option is not only a substantial time saver for our staff, but possesses a professionally done, major market sound. The turn around time is phenomenal, and I have yet to have any issue with the service. I would recommend the Imaging Chop Shop for anyone looking to bolster the sound and production value of their radio stations. It has truly been a pleasure being an affiliate.”
Neil Knight, Operations Manager at WPFM-FM

“I love the variety of guests available on Guest Services. It’s like having an extra producer just handling bookings!!”
– Steve Shannon, AM Host at WAHR-FM

“There is nothing like the excitement of live classic rock. The bands feed off the crowd and vice versa. It adds a remarkable, original element to the “polished” sound of studio recordings. Classic Rock Live provides this element with multiple concert experiences in two hours. With Pierre Robert hosting, it’s just what we were looking for!”
Eddie Miller, APD/MD at KMGN-FM

“We are really excited about the quality of The Rockin’ 70’s program. It is presented in a way that attracts all types of rock listeners. Very informative. A lot of fun. Great music.”
Larry Stone, General Manager JWC Broadcasting

Full Metal Jackie adds instant credibility to any active rock station. Jackie is legit, she lives metal and has easily gained our listeners trust as their source for new hard rock and metal news. 96.3 The Blaze recently saw a 33 share for males 12+ during Jackie’s show, she knows what boys like. If you want to satisfy the guys who keep calling to request Slayer, this is the show for you.”
Angel, Program Director at 96.3 The Blaze

“It’s the first thing I read in the morning. If your GM is tight on services, BitXchange covers it all … Celeb Gossip, News, Lifestyle, Crazy Stories and Great Audio!!”
Mojo, Host at Channel 955 WKQI Detroit