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“After 43 years in radio I wasn’t sure if anyone understood the uniqueness of our industry. Other CRMs and order systems have been lacking and cumbersome. influence FM has it figured out!”

John Rodriguez, Bluewater Broadcasting


Program Category: Sales Tools
Terms: Cash and Barter
Delivery MethodOnline/Internet


influence FM radio management software gives users complete control over every step of the sales process including asset management, spot creation and commercial production. It’s designed to require less work and to make your station more profitable.

The complete influence FM product suite includes Connect CRM, Presentation Builder, SmartRate, WikiCopy and Production. These five products are completely integrated. From cold call to completed commercial, the entire sales process is seamless.


“We just signed a contract and both the sales staff and management of our radio station feel confident that with the well thought out platform that is Influence FM, we are going to be well on our way of making 2017 a record year for sales! Everything we need to truly be competitive in our market is in there. Proposals, copy, flexible rates and so much more! No matter if you are a part of a larger radio group or just a standalone station like ours, request a demo NOW and see what Influence FM can do for your bottom line.” – Jeff Davis, WHGM-AM


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