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“Radio Playbook was a great choice for my show and station. It is very user friendly and easy to navigate. Literally in seconds I have everything I need.”

Stroke Mastro, WYYX-FM


Program Category: Morning Prep
Programming Frequency: Daily
Terms: Barter
Delivery Method: Online/Internet
Language: English


We’re entering summer with a special offer to new affiliates of Radio Playbook. When you sign a new affiliation agreement for the service, we’ll give you FREE and immediate use of 100 topic starters as a bonus. The Radio Playbook includes daily Topic Starters with listener responses ready to go covering a wide range of topics including relationships, work, personal traits, hobbies and timely events in the news. This offer won’t last forever so talk to your affiliate relations manager today at 216.831.3761.


Radio Playbook coaches talent through the process of programming a winning morning show. This simple-to-follow, two-in-one tool maps out each day’s complete show clock, based on tested PPM research that suggests topics and bits for each programmed break, for on-air staff.

Radio Playbook takes the guesswork out of programming your morning show, while providing a stream of daily audio, news, topic starters, original produced comedy bits and cutting-edge on-air games.


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