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Program Category: Programming/Research
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SAM™ Sentiment Analysis Module for radio is a research tool that analyzes written feedback and comments from listeners and presents all findings in an in-depth report for radio stations use. It is the latest addition to the all-in-one “Audience Interactive” platform by Audiant™ that includes RadioTraks® Music Research, Song Bug® and Majority Rules® Brackets.

Stations start by asking listeners to comment what they think about a song or commercial using their own words, not an arbitrary rating system. The easy-to-use program lets users set up a survey to share new music or spots with listeners using outside links or embeddable YouTube and SoundCloud players. Listeners can access the survey through their computers or mobile devices. With these online surveys, stations get the earliest read on brand new music and commercials without the risk of listener tune-out.

Once a survey has been completed, SAM™ computes all the data. Using custom-created algorithms it gives the comment a rating based on its positivity or negativity. The data is presented in an easy-to-read report and includes the actual comments from listeners so stations get a true sense of how listeners feel about the music or spot.

Beyond just testing new music, SAM™ presents a wealth of revenue opportunities. Custom text and images on the surveys allow stations to solicit sponsorships each time they’re testing new music. SAM™ can also be used to test radio spots for advertisers creating a new incentive to entice potential clients to buy the radio station or increase their current spend.


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