VOZ Express

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““This new service is fast and easy to use. Submit your copy, choose a voice and receive a professional quality voice read within hours.” - Envision Networks® President/CEO Danno Wolkoff”


Program Category: Show Content/Audio and Written
Frequency: Daily
Terms: Cash and Barter
Delivery Method: Internet


VOZ Express is a turn-key, online service providing stations with access to the top Spanish-speaking female and male commercial voices. Hiring the top market voices of VOZ Express will help production departments add more variety to their spots and production elements.


  • Citlali
  • Gaby McDonald
  • Karen De La Cerda
  • Veronica Arreola
  • Juan Antonio
  • Miguel Camarillo
  • Paco Correa
  • Raul Mendez
  • Koby Suarez

Unlimited access to a wide selection of voices for Spanish radio reads

Affiliates simply send in their own copy and choose a voice that best fits their needs. The recorded voice can be ready for the airwaves in a few hours and turned into a fully-produced spot quickly.



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Spot Voltage Amps Up Radio Stations’ Production